Phyllis Martino Nugent
Time Travel

From an E-mail 28 Dec 2007

We are pleased to inform you that The Duke's Amulet has been posted on our web site under the heading of IA Writers & Books, located on the Homepage of The Italian American Press. Additionally, the book is posted on our Announcement page, We believe your fascinationg novel is well-written,enjoyable and informative of the time depicted. We are hopeful that our promotional efforts for the book will bring it to the attention of a large audience of Italian Americans eager to read it.

Best wishes

Ralph Ferro, Director

The Italian American Press

 From an E-mail 08 Apr 2008

I am pleased to inform you that your book has been selected by the Sons of Italy Book Club Committee as part of our Spring 2008 selections. This review with the book cover will run in the spring issue of ITALIAN AMERICAN magazine. The book will be on our site where it can be ordered through amazon.con. It will remain on the permanentl at


Dona De Sanctis, PHD

Editor in Chief

Italian American Magazine